organic pesticides kill bees

Pesticides. It’s just one of those words that make you cringe. We’ve been wary of them for years, and recent pollinator declines aren’t making us feel any more approving. What many consumers and policy-makers fail to realize, though, is that organic alternatives might not be much better.  Until recently, organic-approved pesticides haven’t really been a cause for concern….

American Coot threatened by invasive snail.

The introduced of non-native species are one of the biggest threats to aquatic ecosystems, and their impacts are only made worse when pathogens come along for the ride. One example of this is the Eurasian faucet snail, a species that has been implicated in massive die-offs of waterfowl across the northeast. The Faucet Snail First of all, the exotic mollusk isn’t exactly…

Koalas are in danger of extinction

Habitat loss and degradation remains one of the leading threats to wildlife around the world. And even when large tracts of land are left intact, habitats can be fragmented by the construction of roads, railways, and power-line right-of-ways. Animals that are unable to traverse these structures can become isolated and unable to find food or mates….